Mortgage Rates

1 Yr2.29%
2 Yrs2.19%
3 Yrs2.34%
4 Yrs2.49%
5 Yrs2.49%2.30%
7 Yrs3.44%
10 Yrs3.84%
HELOC 3.20%


Qualifying Rate:4.64%
Prime Rate:2.70%

New Home Mortgage Rates

For property completions within:

Term6 Mths12 Mths
3 Yrs2.54%2.69%
4 Yrs2.64%2.79%
5 Yrs2.69%2.84%

The above rates represent the typical discounted rates available to borrowers with strong credit, qualifying income and assets, on conventional real property that meets lending value requirements. Additional rate discounts and benefits may be obtained during the direct bid process. This data is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon without verification by an Origin Mortgage Advisor.