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The alternative lenders Guide is found under documents
The website link takes you to BCMMA

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To Run a Deal by your lender prior to submission, ensure you provide the following bullet form details:
- Client Name(s)
- Property Location/Address
- Asking for 1st or 2nd or 3rd mortgages (Who are the lenders belong to the current mortgages)
- Property Use
- Purpose of the mortgages
- Mortgage amount / LTV
- Income: Varifiable/BFS (Docs available)
- Beacon Score / Credit situation / Explanation(s)


Look for lenders who will collect your fee on your behalf for a simple process (BlueshorePAcifica, Antrim for example)
Look for open terms with little renewal fee
Avoid bad boy clauses
Look for small legal fees (Antrim only one lawyer fees)
Look for relationship