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How to Send Documents

send docs when you have deal #(must be in subject)
- email sent with details shortly after submission.
Email docs to mortgagedocuments@cmls.ca and cc underwriter

Rate Holds

Rate holds will dependant on promo options and availability, please review rate sheets founds on
www.cmls.ca/brokers or contact Ut directly


CMLS Advantage
ü Presales & Loans funded prior to October 2016 are grandfathered under old rules for purchase & refinances
o Qualify base on 5yr fixed contract rate
o Presales max 30yr amortization
o Keep remaining amortization on transfers even over 25yrs
o Original purchase price / today’s value can exceed $1M
o Transfers you can capitalize in max of $3,000 for penalties & fees
o Collateral switches are available with client paid FCT or FNF fees
o Refinances committed on prior to Oct 17, 2016 and funded by Nov 30, 2016 are insurable
ü Net rents calculation for clients with one non-subject rental property to a maximum of 3 rental properties
via lease agreements or economical rent letter from approved appraiser (rental worksheet or net rents from T1 Generals)
ü 100% of subject suite income to be used for qualification on owner occupied properties with 680+ Beacons (does not have to be legal just self contained)
Insured / Insurable only (uninsured 50% added to income)
ü 100% of back to work income to be used for applicants with maternity leave with expected return to work date / verbal confirmation
ü BFS sole proprietors can consider add backs for business use of home and CCA
or gross up by 15% 2yr average (not available on uninsured)
ü BFS incorporated clients can gross up T4 income by 15% with 2yr average (not available on uninsured)
ü Front to back underwriting so you only deal with 1 person the entire transaction we pride ourselves on service
ü Renewal compensation or upfront compensation you choose deal by deal
u Uninsured available up to 80% LTV 30yr Amortization