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How to Send Documents

You have received an approval from the underwriter, once you have sent the signed commitment back the Mortgage Officer is going to review your documents and send you a checklist.

*Please only send what is requested

Prime Deals send to brokerdocs@eqbank.ca

Sign up for Equitable Bank Communication by emailing ayeun@eqbank.ca and add in title Newsletter sign up

Rate Holds

Posted Rates: http://equitablebank.ca/mortgage-rates
Penalty Calculator: http://equitablebank.ca/mortgage-rates
Appraisers List: http://equitablebank.ca/appraisers
Client Portal: https://my.equitablebank.ca


Registered & Non-Registered businesses considered; 6 months minimum
Viability of income through bank statements, business financials, commission income letter, etc.
Gifted down payment accepted
48/48 TDS/GDS
100% of the rental income used on owner-occupied rentals
80% of the rental offset used on subject and non-subject rentals
Mortgage under Hold co or Operating Company with personal guarantee
Multiple rental units in client portfolio allowed
Larger loans reviewed case-by-case
Owner Occupied or Rentals