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At Haventree Bank, as an alternative lender, the quality and marketability of the subject property is paramount. We look to lend against prime, marketable properties since they reduce our risk in the event of a default.

That all said, we have some great guidelines that might be helpful to you! Note some of these guidelines are case by case and all files are subject to full review by underwriting:

Current Value Purchase! If price was set > 1 year ago (ex. Pre-Sale condo) we may lend up to 100% of original price. Subject to regular LTV maximums, on the current value.

85% OFFSET on all Rent! Including unauthorized basement suite, laneway/carriage homes, and existing non-subject rentals
Suites should be self-contained, with own entry.
NO room rental income
Market rents okay, plus a secondary confirmation

Leased Land! Municipal or Government may be considered if pre-paid for > 35 years. We do not allow private/native leases under any circumstances

Former Grow-Ops! Up to 50% LTV, with full remediation

Former Leaky Condos! We may consider if fully remediated + strong depreciation report + min reserve fund of 1% of insurance coverage

ALR / Agricultural Land Reserve! We may consider so long as there is no income derived from property

Appraisal ordered by broker directly! Must be from our approved list, click here
Alternatively you may order through Solidifi

Square Footage Minimums: House = 900 (800 for Vancouver and Toronto); Condo = 650 (500 for Vancouver and Toronto)

Self Managed Strata! OK if strong reserve fund of minimum 1% of insurance coverage

Manufactured Homes! OK if newer prefabricated, and permanently affixed to foundation. NO mobiles, or older modular, even if on own land, hard stop

Condo with Retail (ex. C3A zoning) - OK if strata units are >75% residential

Approved Lending Area – Please check our portal or click here for Approved Lending Areas and associated max LTVs