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Email Documents Directly to your Underwriter Michael

Rate Holds

Pre-Approvals are good for 120days, they are not underwritten and are a rate hold only

Quick Tip--If you have a pre-approval your clients are not eligible for our promo rates


Stated Income on both the A and the B Side--Call Kim for Full Details 604-649-5544

Transfers--See Below for Quick Tips

INSURED, original funding date prior to Oct 16, 2017:
 You CAN qualify on contract rate for 5 year fixed term
 You CAN have a property value>$1M
 You CAN transfer the amortization as is

INSURABLE and UNINSURABLE, original funding date prior to Nov 30, 2017:
 You CAN transfer
 You CAN qualify on contract rate for a 5 year fixed term
 You CAN have a property value over or under $1M
 You CAN have a max amortization of 25 years. (You can reduce amortization to 25 years at the time of transfer to meet requirement)

Did you know:
 Street has no minimum term to transfer - Clients can choose a 1-5 year term
 No fee transfer on Standard Charge Mortgages
 No rate premium added to collateral transfers
 We will consider capitalizing up to $3000 in fees into the new mortgage amount: =<90%LTV Fees can include penalty from previous financial institution. For both standard and collateral charge mortgages
 Client Paid insurance premium can be added to the mortgage at the time of transfer! Resulting in an INSURED mortgage = INSURED rates! AND future insured rates for client.

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