1. Secure your borrowing with a minimum 20% equity in your home
  2. Apply just once to establish your overall borrowing limit
  3. Manage your mortgage rate risk by splitting your mortgage into two or three different types of mortgages and terms.
  4. Prepay as much as you want whenever you want only to increase your available credit for future access should you need it.

Home Equity Lines of Credit or HELOC’s as they are referred to, are considered often to be the last mortgage type you will ever need because most people that select them never go back to having a fixed or variable rate mortgage on their own.

They provide the best of both fixed and variable rates together with a “readvanceable” line of credit. To find out if a HELOC is right for you discover our Mortgage Assessment or have a quick chat with us online or with one of our Mortgage Advisors.

Check out our Mortgage Rates Today for both variable and fixed rates as well as our New Home Rates offered in connection with our Rate Protection Program.