Purchasing and financing a home involves many important decisions. These calculators will help give you concrete facts as to what you have, what you need, and what you can afford.

will provide you with the maximum mortgage amount you can qualify for based on input you provide on your personal financial situation.

The GST Calculator

calculates the net tax payable on a newly constructed home based on the start and completion date. This total purchase price can be transferred and used in the New Home Mortgage Calculator.

calculates your mortgage amount inclusive of applicable default insurance premiums, together with your associated monthly mortgage payments based on inputs for the mortgage rate and amortization period.

will isolate a variable in the determinants of a mortgage payment

calculates your mortgage payment. Discover how many years you will shorten your amortization and how much interest savings you will realize by making a prepayment (lump sum) on your mortgage.

will compare the financial advantage of renting and buying based on your current monthly rent, funds towards your down payment and your desired monthly payment if you purchased a home.

calculates the value of a builder incentive to subsidize monthly mortgage payments for a portion of the term.