Loonie could slow growth for years: BoC

Business News Network – April 13, 2011 The strength of the Canadian dollar is turning Canada’s economic performance into a boomerang, with the recent growth spurt giving way to a gradually slower pace that could persist for years as a currency well north of parity restrains exports. In its quarterly monetary policy report Wednesday, the […]

10 top trends for basements

Vancouver Sun Upping the ante in the lower level Big screens and even bigger sound, designer chairs and smart lights that slowly dim as the movie starts rolling make basement home theatres more sought-after then ever. Photograph by: Jenelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun What’s hot in the home’s coolest area? Here’s what the pros consider the […]

‘Confident’ Canucks look forward to meeting Blackhawks

Vancouver Sun –  April 12, 2011 Confident but not cocky, the Vancouver Canucks sounded Tuesday like a team determined to exorcise its Chicago Blackhawk playoff demons. The Canucks hope to start the process Wednesday when they meet the Blackhawks in the opener of their best-of-seven Western Conference quarter-final series at Rogers Arena. “We’re a different […]

Songs for Japan CD Benefitting Those In Japan

To help raise money for those in Japan who’ve been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami, a compilation CD with 38 tracks entitled Songs for Japan has been put together by four different record label companies, currently available on iTunes for only $9.99. All of the proceeds will go towards the Japanese Red Cross […]

IRD Penalty Comparison Rates

Canada Mortgage Trends March 24, 2011 The much-unloved Interest rate differential (IRD) penalty is a mystery to most of the natural born population. People loathe it, largely because they don’t understand it. We continually come across folks who read their entire mortgage contract and are still confused by the IRD calculation. Fortunately, federal disclosure guidelines […]

Can I Really Afford To Go Organic?

Globe & Mail, March 25, 2011 Grocery shopping with children in mind can be complicated. It’s not just, “This looks tasty, let’s get it.” First, it’s the question of what they should eat – food groups, vitamins and all that. Then, it’s what they will eat, which for some children, can be quite a narrow […]

Get a lock on mortgage rates

Vancouver Sun Customers who are nearing the end of their fixed-rate term may be better off paying early exit penalties and securing a new deal Even though there was a drop in some of this week’s fixed-rate mortgage products, some rates are expected to go up this year. Why the inconsistency between fixed and open […]

Portobello West moves into the Olympic Village

Vancouver Sun, March 9, 2011 Portobello West has undergone a dramatic face lift just in time for its spring launch. The monthly market of local artisans and designers has become a non-profit society, moved to Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village and hired a new coordinator from Montreal. It will open in the new […]

TIME SENSITIVE – Are you ready for the changes?

There are 3 significant changes happening in the mortgage industry this month. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you ahead smoothly. Changes happen March 18, 2011 –  Act Now! Maximum Amortization for high-ratio loans has been reduced from 35 to 30  years.   Your monthly payment will increase  –  hence reducing your buying power. […]

Housing sales “will gain traction” in 2011

REW Week of Feb 25 – Mar 3, 2011 Canadian housing sales will gain traction in the second half of this year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), which has released a more bullish outlook on the market than its earlier forecast at the end of 2010. CREA now estimates there will be […]

Top 25 grants and rebates for property buyers and owners

Vancouver Sun February 25, 2011 1 HOME BUYERS’ PLAN Qualifying home buyers can withdraw up to $25,000 (couples can withdraw up to $50,000) from their RRSPs for a down payment. Home buyers who have repaid their RRSP may be eligible to use the program a second time. For more information: www.cra.gc.ca. Enter ‘Home Buyers’ Plan’ […]

Origin Goes Mobile

As the UK rock band chicagobearsjerseyspop “The Who” once professed in one of their Top hit songs….we’re going mobile! We have just launched a mobile website for our client and referral partners to LONG-TERM quickly access rates, calculators and news updates from their mobile phone and it is properly formatted to enhance your By viewing […]

Bump RRSP limits from 18% of earned income to 34%, CD Howe tells Feds

The National Post, February 11,  2011 Now here’s something those whose RRSPs were shattered by the 2008 crash should welcome: raising RRSP contribution limits from 18% of earned income to 34% of earned income, and raising the maximum dollar amount proportionally, from $22,000 to $42,000. That’s the eminently sensible suggestion from C. D. Lyndo Howe […]


Department of Finance Canada, Press Release, January 17, 2011 The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, and Parks the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources, today announced prudent adjustments to the rules for government-backed insured mortgages to support the long-term stability of Canada’s housing market and support hard-working Canadian families saving through home ownership. […]