Origin Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver
Origin is supported by a team of professionals dedicated to making the entire mortgage process comfortable, transparent and easy-to-understand for home buyers.

Our advisors are always at your disposal. From the minute you begin our application, advisors are available to answer questions, offer advice, and help the process move along faster and more efficiently.

Once you begin considering bids from lenders, we are once again available to help you make decisions. We will clarify key terms and conditions, and make sure nothing confuses you or comes as a surprise.

Finally, we’ll help you prepare for your ultimate goal: home ownership. Our role is to ensure you’re well informed and ready, so you can walk into your new home feeling comfortable and excited – like new homeowners should!

To contact an Origin Mortgage Advisor, call us toll-free at 1.866.9.ORIGIN, or join our Live Chat open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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Featured Advisors

Origin Mortgage Brokers do not report to nor are they responsible to any one mortgage lender, ultimately they work for you. Their principal reason for being is to access their experience and knowledge of the Canadian mortgage lending landscape and to ensure that they provide you with unbiased advice and at minimum, 3 unique bids for your mortgage business from our selected lenders, both primary and secondary.

Origin is compensated by the lenders in order 90% of the mortgages we arrange for clients, and we arrange a lot of them….in fact over 12,000 for happy BC clients since 2006. Mortgage Brokers Vancouver are obligated to disclose to clients that lender or broker fees may apply, and there are some brokers that focus their energy on serving clients where credit history or property types warrant a fee paid by the client. That is not Origin’s business focus. We have since our inception served new home and resale purchasers as well as current home owners with their need to access home equity for renovations or investments.

Our entire staff of Mortgage Advisors as we refer to them are licensed Mortgage Brokers in Vancouver. Our industry is provincially regulated by a division of the Ministry of Finance and is called the Financial Institutions Commission. All of our staff have met stringent educational requirements in order to practice in our industry and they are required to obtain regular and ongoing training referred to as post licensing education credits in order to keep their licenses active every 2 years when they renew.

At Origin, we are committed to lifelong learning for all staff with our central focus being how to improve our clients experience with us. We hope that your first mortgage with us will not be your last and we do our utmost to obtain your candid feedback on how we did in serving your needs and in staying in regular contact with you well after our current business together is completed.

We are proud to be a BC owned and Vancouver based mortgage brokerage that has served the financing needs of over 10,000 Greater Vancouver mortgage clients and we hope that by combining the strengths of our unique 3 lender bid system where we get lenders competing for your mortgage business together with our best in class Mortgage Advisors to serve you…you will trust us to assist you in what is often the largest financial need of your lifetime.

Please don’t just take our word for it, please check out what our previous clients and referral partners say about us on this website, on our Facebook page, Google reviews as well as many other social media platforms.

Please consider making contact with one of our Featured Mortgage Brokers on this page for unbiased mortgage advice at anytime, we have qualified in every neighborhood with multiple language skills across Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.