Help customers find your website

The Vancouver Sun,  June 7, 2011

Ten very practical tips on improving your website, from Small Business BC:

1. Make sure every web page has a unique page title with keywords customers will use when searching for you. Try Google’s Keyword tool if you need ideas.

2. Make sure your About Us page title has your company name.

3. Include your company’s full business name and address on every page in the footer of the website. This will increase your chances on search engines and Google Maps.

4. Install Google Analytics and use it. How many people from your local area visited this month?

5. If you want to be found locally for a specific service, put your location in the page title of the very front page of your website. For example rather than “Acme Plumbers Inc” try “Vancouver Plumber: Acme Plumbers Inc.”

6. Start a company blog. Write about company news, industry trends, case studies and even local non-competing companies — they might return the favour.

7. Include your company phone number at the top right of every page. This instills confidence and makes you easy to find.

8. Ask your five best customers to write a testimonial for your site.

9. If you sell products online, write your own product reviews instead of cutting and pasting a manufacturer description.

10. Use videos to review products and explain your services.

Small Business BC is renovating and moving their education centre into their main floor office in Vancouver. As a result, seminars are on hold for the summer. In the meantime, check their site for more small business management tips.