Definitely Recommend Origin to Anybody Needing a Mortgage

I didn’t think I needed a mortgage broker as I thought that it was possible to compare the offers of the different banks and simply go with the best one. I found however that the comparison was hard – each bank’s spokesperson was bombarding me with their own pitch, making me realize that there was a margin of negotiation. I hate bargaining! So, I contacted Geoff Willis from Origin upon recommendation from my Realtor. He was available to meet me on a very short notice, and outside of work hours. He answered all of my questions and quickly gained my trust. In just a couple of days, he was able to get me pre-approved with what ended up being my own bank, but at a better rate than they were willing to give me in person. Later, when I found the property that I wanted to buy, while busy with removing the subjects, Geoff got me fully approved without me having to do anything. I would definitely recommend Origin to anybody needing a mortgage, I can’t find any downside to that.

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